#Back2Sua Street Concert at SOWETO Arusha on 30th July 2017


Arusha is a City that every street has its own unique life style

From how they are dressing, behaving, thinking, speaking, walking

SUA season 3 started at Kijenge Juu,then Kwa Morombo and Now Season 3 Episode 3

We are Going to a street named #Kaloleni |#Soweto| #Ololoo| #Bronx ….

It’s a home of NAKO NAKO SOLDIERS a group of brothers who inspired and influence many youth to participate in to the Hip Hop Culture.

For more story and information let’s meet at OFISI ZA MTENDAJI KATA YA KALOLENI this Sunday 30th July 2017.

We are happy to welcome you all to celebrate Art and Culture with #Peace, #Love #Unity and #Happiness

The Art of Deejaying,The Art of Freestyle battle, The Art of break dancing and Perfomance from different Artist from all over Arusha.

Food and Drinks will be Available from 12pm-6pm

Powered by Okoa mTaa foundation,Embassy of Dernmark,Kumkichwa,Dkt Tanzania and Best Cypher Tanzania,Alliance Francaise Arusha

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