#NewVIDEO: Lady Bee – MWAMBA WANGU (Official Music Video)


Salvation is a miracle to me.Am forever grateful for I know by confessing with my mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and believing in my heart that God raised Him from the dead,I am saved I will never perish but have everlasting life Halleluyah! But that is not enough I now realize that apart from going to heaven to live with my King forever, here on earth I have to see His glory,to experience the manifestation His power in my life for the glory of His name.So I found myself having the desire to know Him more and the book of Psalm 63 spoke to my heart in a very special way and there my spirit was singing along to the verse praise the Lord..My prayer is that as you listen to this song may it help you draw closer to Him and as you put your faith and believe in Him may you see His glory AMEN IF you have not given your life to Him may His Spirit convict you and may you surrender your life to Him for He alone is our Rock and our Salvation;He is our defense we shall not be moved AMEN Psalm 62:2..JESUS CHRIST IS LORD

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