(Video) PoetryShule S01EP01 ft Muki ( I Found My Self )



A beautiful being sharp like a sparrow
Twas love at first sight but her heart was narrow
Mine was wide so a little shed borrow
Always troubled by where she went for my heart would follow
As days went by I got a little mellow
Thoughts of her were like shots shaking me like jello
She left on a journey cats defined her bookless shelf
She taught me not to stress but to be myself
So clear
Though far she’s near
Captivating my brain in my mind I hear
Her sweet soft giggle turn into a laugh
She said she settled down told me about her past
That it was a light that daily grew brighter
As it begun to sparkle others would try and fight her
It took me a while to realise
By skipping alpha to beta thoughts I recognised
That thRough her I found myself

Lights on no lights out never experienced a black out
Shed laugh and criticise lies truth would come out
And still they’d try to push her over the edge
But as she spoke captivated they would bop their heads
To the one two one two one two
No body messed with her when she kicked it with the crews
The tribe run dmc epmd to classic hit nas black stars mos and kweli
At the heaven of peace she gave birth steady
Brought up to cats rhymeson and mc eddie
The villain gangsters sharper than a machete
Then every verse and stanza was strictly kwanza
Together they run tings so fast a boom blast they tried to make some cash
Because of the cream
Creating history and a boy with dreams emancipated from tabularaza yeah it seems that through her I found myself

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