Wasanii kutoka Nairobi “Timmy T Dat” na “Otile Brown” wazichapa kwenye Private Party ya Vanessa Mdee.


The weekend started out with Timmy T Dat and Otile Brown being best of friends. After all they are enjoying airplay for their musical effort together dubbed Wembe.

Moving on, Timmy and Otile were guests at Vanessa Mdee’s dinner party on Sunday night. On the guest list was Juma Jux, Prezzo, Shaffie Weru and Habida among others.

 Before the fight broke out, Timmy posted on his Instagram. “Eaaaaasy Sunday..na ivo ndio vile ime die!”
While, Otile Brown wrote, “Bossed up ma G @timmytdat always a happy moment .. we royal.”

Now, the fight broke out after Otile Brown stepped out to receive a phone call. He came back into the house and called Timmy T Dat aside.

Since they came into the event together no one thought anything was amiss until they heard a scuffle going on outside at the parking lot.

The two artistes had been drinking.

“No one really knows what they were fighting about. All Otile kept saying was ‘Lazima watu wahesimiane’.” A source told Mpasho.

Prezzo tried to separate the two but he was over powered that was when Shaffie Weru stepped in and tried to rescue the situation.

SOURCE https://mpasho.co.ke

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